"Looking at Kara Remington's photos from a concert is as close to experiencing synesthesia as one can get without actually having it. You may be looking at a photo, but you're hearing the music, smelling the sweat and feeling the passion that she captured pouring from the player at that moment in time. Swirls of notes and emotion fly out of her images and engulf the eye in a way thatcan only be described as trancendant. Her work evokes some of the great visual chroniclers of rock and roll from the past yet she brings with it a uniqueness and vision that are brilliantly modern and completely original. If you are looking to capture an image that speaks volumes, look no further than Kara Remington."

Ryan Spilken, musician


"You're on stage, your monitor is kicking back weirdness and your drummer is drunker than fuck, but still manages to keep beat better than the pizza delivery guy knocking on your door, while the lead guitar to your right is hitting on that weird chick (who you know is already sleeping with half the other bands that night) in between coming in late on every damn measure. None of that's going to matter the next day though, because pop *pop*, Kara's camera is at the ready, stealing your bands soul through layers of glass and mysterious electronics. After last nights' blur, her pixel perfect pictures will make you look like the rock stars you know you're going to be. Rock on rock, and rock on Kara. She's your angel behind the viewfinder."

Sean Burke, photographer


"Kara's pictures capture the little moments you only caught out of the corner of your eye. Her pictures don't just capture a moment, they capture a space and feeling."

Eric Schuchmann, sound engineer


"I've never been happier with any performance pictures than I am with the live shots that Kara Remington took during my recent visit to Springfield, MO. Through her technical prowess (pre and post) and a deep appreciation for the music and the people creating it, she manages to capture the Benevolent Spirit of the Creative Impulse in a way that's capable of reminding us why we make music in the first place. Unlike many photographers who are deterred by the very difficult conditions present in most live music venues, she effortlessly bobs and weaves between crowd members, musicians, and lighting snafu's to capture the essence of each moment...all the while seeming to have a great time. Seeing myself through her eyes has been a very special pleasure."

Shane Hall, musician